Sunday, September 24, 2023

2 years later, Myra Sekgororoane exits BTO again

The finer details of departure will resurface sooner or maybe even later, but the story for the day is that Myra Sekgororoane – the Botswana Tourism Organisation (BTO) Chief Executive has once again parted ways with the state-owned entity. 

The departure, just like the previous one seems to be marred with controversy. Once again, the public has been kept in the dark regarding Myra’s premature departure. Infact there is no clarity on whether her departure is premature or was prolonged. Myra’s contract, initialised in February 2019 was kept a closely guarded secret from the time she rejoined BTO until this week when a short press statement announced her imminent departure. 

At the time of her return to BTO – February 2019, the nation viewed the decision by the then Tourism Minister Kitso Mokaila to reappoint Myra as a mixed bag of fortunes. Myra is seen, by some, as a tourism industry veteran given her credentials of rebranding the then Botswana Tourism Board (BTB) – a government department into the now Botswana Tourism (BTO). She served the organisation for eight years before being shown the door by the former Tourism Minister – Tshekedi Khama, replacing her with Thabo Dithebe. On the other hand, some quarters were opposed to the reappointment of Myra given her age and her past experience. They viewed it as ‘recycling’. 

Fast forward to February 2021, BTO has since confirmed the sudden departure of Myra through a ‘straight to the point’ press statement. 

BTO board chairman – Boitumelo Sekwababe said in the statement that Myra will leave BTO on the 26th of February 2021. The reasons for departure once again remain privilege to the few industry players and the cabinet of the Tourism ministry.  

The departure of Myra happens at a time when the country’s tourism sector is going through a rough patch sponsored by the COVID 19 pandemic. The sector suffered a major shock in 2020 as a result of less activity in both domestic and international tourism.  


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