Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Accused dismisses rape allegations as a fabrication

Alleged child rapist Douglas Mothetho dismissed the rape allegations leveled against him as shenanigans of a disgruntled mother.
Mothetho charged that the victim’s mother (name withheld to protect the minor’s identity) had fabricated the rape allegations against him as a way of exacting revenge after he snubbed the advances of one of her daughters.

Mthetho, 35, appeared before Chief Magistrate Lorraine Makati Lesang on Thursday to answer charges of raping a two-year-old girl in her parents’ house in Blue Town location on 31 December 2006.

Mothetho, an architect by profession, dismissed the allegations as lies peddled by the mother who was incensed that he snubbed her daughter’s advances in preference to her cousin.

Giving evidence for the state, one of the witnesses said that while sleeping at the victim’s house on December 31, she was awakened by her cousin who alerted her that there was a stranger in the house. She said that when she went to investigate, she found Mothetho in the bedroom.

Mothetho is then said to have sprung off into the dark of the night. She further indicated that it was shocking to see the accused at such an odd hour of the day and it was the first time she had seen him in their place.

“I realized it was him because he was wearing the same clothes he was wearing when I saw him in the afternoon,” said the witness.
The witness mentioned that the child was sleeping in the sitting room and she was now crying.

“The child complained to her mother that she had vaginal pains and the mother then reported the matter to the police the next morning.”

Mothetho gave sworn evidence to court that this all started when he was on a drinking spree in a shebeen in Blue Town. He had money that day was buying people some beers. He realized that the child’s mother was in the shebeen. Mothetho said that the child’s mother had long bugged him to fall in love with his second born daughter but he had declined.

While they were at the shebeen, he saw the woman’s cousin, Goabaone, in her company and developed feelings for her.
At around 11pm the same day, he went back to the child’s mother’s house, as he knew them to be family friends. He knocked but there was no answer so he got in through the kitchen door, as it was not locked.

As he entered the house, he went to the room in which Goabaone was sleeping because he wanted to give her P200 to buy a cellphone he had promised her earlier. He said that he had no qualms about entering the family’s house at night because they already knew him very well and treated him like a member of the family.

However, Goabaone screamed and alerted everyone that there was a stranger in the house; the accused panicked and ran outside the house, because the shouts were getting louder and he was afraid of mob justice.

“I would never rape someone; this is just a mere fabrication because I refused to fall in love with the woman’s daughter. She wanted me to fall in love with her daughter so that I could give her money,” said Mothetho

The state prosecutor asked why he did not identify himself if, indeed, he was a family friend and Mothetho indicated that he feared for his life since Blue Town was a dangerous location and chances were high that he could be attacked by a mob.

Chief Magistrate Lesang asked Mothetho to bring in some witnesses to support his evidence.
The case continues.


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