Wednesday, June 12, 2024

African leaders should not be allowed to kill the ICC

It would seem like dictators are once again ganging up against what had so far been the most outstanding attempt at ridding the world, especially Africa, of the evils of impunity that have so often wrecked the continent resulting in the death of many innocent civilians.

While hardly surprising, that a section of African leaders even had the temerity and audacity to think aloud of disbanding the ICC is terrifying, shocking, and indeed disappointing.

More shocking however are the casual reasons provided for attempts to kill the ICC.

African leaders are saying the ICC has become a weapon that solely picks on African leaders.
They accuse the ICC on uneven handedness, unfairness and ulterior motives.

They say since its establishment the ICC has singled out African leaders, picked on them and deliberately targeted them.

That may be so.

Victims of brutality in Africa who suffered violation at the hands of Africa would counter that by saying the ICC is not chasing African leaders vigorously enough.

And as any African would attest, the continent is replete with millions of victims who have in one way or another suffered at the hands of African leadership.

The number of African refugees and those displaced within their countries continues to grow.
Some parts of Africa continue to be only a heartbeat away.

Many countries of Africa continue to be riven by mindless civil wars, coups and instability as has been the case in Mali, Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic.
Today the biggest United Nations Peace keeping Force is in the DRC, a country which has not known peace of any kind for at least 20 years now.

An African woman living in a small village in Goma would be shocked to learn that African leaders have almost unanimously united to say the world is against them.

That woman knows very well that she is a victim of impunity on the part of her leaders.
That woman has lost her life at the hands of the same leadership.

She has seen her property set ablaze at the instance of the same.

She was forcefully chased away leaving all behind save only that which could carry.
While they failed, it is clear that a lot of behind-the-scenes efforts have been expended in lobbying some powerful nations of the world to back Africa.

It is funny how African leaders like to play victim when faced with the world, when at home they are known as perennial aggressors.

Africa needs such establishments like the ICC.

To people of Southern Africa attempts by African leaders have all the whims of a d├®j├ávu.
A few years ago Sothern African leaders connived to kills a similar institution called SADC Tribunal.

In Southern Africa, our dictators agreed to kill the tribunal as a way of protecting each other.
Now they are taking suck skills to another level, at a much more magnified scale.
For Africa the ICC remains as relevant as ever.

To this day many parts of Africa have not democratised.
There are vast tracts of the continent still controlled and even terrorised by warlords and related strongmen.
These are people who are prepared kill their way into power and stay there.
It is important that these criminals are continually reminded of the risks to themselves if they continue along their murderous paths.

It is important to remind these criminals that people like them end up in jail as did the Liberian former President Charles Taylor.

The reason why African leaders are shouting with shrivel voices to kill ICC is because none of them feels safe to kill their people any more.

Nobody is above the law.

Because the days of impunity are coming to an end, those who have survived on murder are running scared.

It would treacherous to allow these gangs that call themselves leaders to get what they want by way of killing the ICC.


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