Monday, July 22, 2024

An improved St Louis to match international standards

St Louis export lager, a new premium beer, is expected on bottle store shelves to as of the 24th of July.

The beer, which was recently launched by Botswana brewery mogul, Kgalagadi Breweries (KBL), is said to have been brewed to international standards.
It comes in the form of a 340 ml green bottle.

To justify the choice of colour, KBL said that the green bottle is highly perceived as premium amongst the target audience.

The dark brown gold colours on the label are said to be only common in first class products such as whiskies.
According to the company, the gold foil also adds a touch of excellence around the brand, and comes in coloured shrink film, which is said to be synonymous with the finest of brands.

Careful observation indicates that even though back in 1985, St Louis beer was launched as KBL’s quest to respond to a market requirement for a low alcohol lager, the improved version has a slightly higher percentage of alcohol contained in it.

The canned St Louis has a percentage of about 3.5% percent of alcohol while the one that just hit the shelves has about 4.7%, a difference of about 1.2%.
According to Sesupo Wagamang, KBL’s Marketing Director, the premium beer’s pay-off line, “Every glass, World class”, shows the product’s readiness and capability to compete internationally.

“ST Louis Export lager is positioned as a premium beer which is good enough to compete with the best beers in the world, hence the pay-off line. The beer was developed by the most talented brew masters, who have had decades of experience with Kgalagadi Breweries,” said Wagamang.

Wagamang claimed that St Louis export lager is a proudly local beer that also conforms to the highest quality standards as benchmarked by SAB International.

It was also said that the craftsmanship of the beer is a key characteristic of the brand.

The premium export lager is said to be a fuller and richer tasting beer that will compete with the best in the world.
Thus, some of the beer’s adverts at the launch ran as:┬á

“Americans may have never heard about Botswana, but St Louis will be on everyone’s lips.”

With the other reading: “Champagne has always been the choice of drink in France, not for long.”


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