Saturday, May 18, 2024

St Louis Lager to launch Limited Edition can in honour of 50th anniversary

St Louis Lager, Botswana’s first and only proud local beer brand that has also been a part of Batswana’s rich history since 1989 will be launching a Limited Edition St Louis 440ml Can as a way of honouring this year’s 50th Independence Celebrations on September 30th.

This initiative is being done in recognition of the fact that the 50th Independence celebrations, are as much about reflecting upon our rich history and heritage as they are about enjoying and celebrating the present.

Over the past few years, St Louis Lager has not only been celebrated as the national beer but has gradually become the leading beer brand in the country and a bold symbol of Botswana’s ‘pride in culture’. This year, St Louis is releasing a Limited Edition 440ml Can to celebrate the milestone independence festivities and is giving Batswana a rare and unique opportunity to design the limited edition Can Pack. As part of the 3-phased campaign, St Louis consumers, followers, and brand lovers have been invited to submit their design entries via the St Louis Lager Facebook page and the St Lager App in a promotion that began on March 21st and will end on April 15th 2016. 

Following on from the design competition will be the ‘Vote for your Favourite Can’ phase of the promotion where the St Louis Brand Team will shortlist 10 of the most compelling designs and give the public the opportunity to vote for their favourite design via Facebook from April 22nd to May 14th, 2016. The winning Limited Edition St Louis design will then be used on the  newly designed Pack, and the designer of the Can will win a whopping P50 000, courtesy of St Louis Lager. More so, St Louis Lager consumers will be given an opportunity to win P5000 weekly as a build-up to the 50th Independence Day by sending their SMS codes obtained from the Limited Edition Can-under liners to Mascom, Orange or Be Mobile phone networks. The daily consumer promotion will run from August 8th to September 30th, 2016 and the winners will be announced on a weekly basis.

According to KBL Marketing Director Sesupo Wagamang, “Throughout Botswana 50th Independence Celebrations, St Louis Lager will continue to capture the inherent optimism and progressive outlook of Batswana. One that reflects our bright, light hearted and ever-optimistic viewpoint; whilst also reinforcing the positive, inspiring and sociable spirit of Batswana as a united and proud nation.”

He also added that, “For many years, St Louis has been celebrated as the national beer; deserving the heritable tag-line, ‘Our Beer. Our Pride’. Indeed, it became the leading beer brand in the country, and a symbol for Batswana’s pride as it became firmly established in the nation’s hearts and minds. Fast forward to today, however, Batswana don’t wait for an occasion to celebrate, but rather, they find uncomplicated enjoyment in everyday pleasures and joy in every moment to live their lives to the fullest. I hope that Batswana will engage and enjoy this wonderful promotion as part of the Botswana’s 50th Independence celebrations.”


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