Saturday, May 25, 2024

Another BDF pilot dies

The recent mid air collision of two Botswana Defense force PC7 aircraft has claimed a second life, after it emerged that a second BDF pilot died on Friday. Information reaching The Telegraph indicates that the unexpected death of the second pilot, who was all along reported to be in a stable condition, has soured relations between BDF and the hospital, with some accusing Bokamoso of negligence.

The BDF are said to be demanding answers from Bokamoso hospital, as they were given the impression that the pilot was in a stable condition and his life was out of danger.

The two airplanes collided mid air during formation flying training almost two weeks ago. One of the planes crash landed in Letlhakeng Primary School while another one crashed into a two and half roomed house in the village, almost killing a maid and a one-and-half year old child. So far only one pilot is still hospitalized at Bokamoso and he is said to be recovering well.

Indications are that the BDF could be considering seeking legal options against Bokamoso.

The deceased pilot is expected to be buried in his home village of Maitengwe over the weekend.
Bokamoso hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Gontle Moleele, refused to answer questions from The Telegraph, saying the BDF should be better placed to answer.

“BDF will be able to respond to all your questions,” she said.

BDF’s Director of Communications, Colonel Paul Sharp, on Monday confirmed the passing away of the second pilot.

“It is true that another pilot who was recently involved in the mid air collision passed away on Friday afternoon,” he said.

He was, however, unable to release the name of the deceased as his next of kin are still to be formally informed. Sharp also said he was still waiting for a report from the Thebephatswha military air base.

He was also loath to comment on reports that BDF is considering taking legal action against Bokamoso, but said that the death of the pilot was unexpected. Meanwhile, the first casualty in the mid air crash, Captain Ompatile Ken Sianang, was buried in Serowe over the weekend. Sianang was considered one of the best pilot instructors in the BDF. He also trained the Botswana police air support services pilots.


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