Monday, July 15, 2024

Arona Natural Foods, Energym Health Studio team up in bid to promote healthy lifestyles

In a bid to address the declining levels of physical activity amongst women in the corporate sector, Arona Natural Foods together with Energym Health Studio coordinated an outdoor box challenge program at Phakalane Golf Estate on Sunday morning.

The fitness and wellness event drew the attention of women from different organisations and included discussions on diet and mental wellness aimed at increasing the number of corporate adults engaged in total wellness programs. 

Some of the notable guest speakers who graced the event where South Africa’s Gladys Tladi who is Ms Olympia Fitness Africa 2015 Runner up, Certified Dietician Ndiko Giddie as well as Professional Conscious Coach Thea Khama.  

Being a fitness guru, Tladi put together a fitness regime for the ladies which she strongly recommends has to be done at least thrice a week. “While working out with the ladies I picked up the bags of potential that they each possess. I mixed it up a bit to deliver yoga, cardio boxer, coarse fit, etcetera, and just boot camp stuff in general which they can do at home or at the gym,” said Tladi. She jazzed the session up by getting the participants to walk like leopards, crawl like crabs and do monkey lunges.

“Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine shall be thy food” says Giddie. She says optimal nutrition is essential for the health and wellbeing of every person. “Good nutrition starts with the basics; a well-rounded diet consisting of a variety of healthy foods. They are the kinds of foods that provide women with plenty of energy, the means for lifelong weight management, and the key ingredients for looking and feeling great at any age,” she advises. Giddie says a healthy diet which is low in fat and high in vegetables and fibre together with maintenance of regular physical activity and body mass can reduce the incidents of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, amongst others. 

“Furthermore, it is important to note that the nutritional qualities of recently introduced foods may underline many of the chronic diseases of our society today,” she points out. She says one needs to remember that Optimal Nutrition is essential for the health and wellbeing of every person and can be achieved by a varied diet that includes all the essential nutrients in the right quantities daily. “Choose to make healthy eating a priority today!” says Giddie. 

Professional Conscious Coach Thea Khama says everyone has the power to create their wellbeing the way they want. “To be truly free you need to understand that no one has the power to change your health better than yourself and that is what consciousness is about,” she says. She also added that there are day to day health conscious questions that one needs to ask themselves. “These questions are; what will it take for me to be healthy today? What happens when I become my healthy self? What possibilities open up when I’m healthy?  And who am I?” she asks. Khama says the deeper one goes into answering such questions the more things begin to happen in your life. She says women also need acknowledge the value of being still. “If you sit still you become conscious and will definitely have better perspective- perspective that causes you to connect with yourself as well as with other people and feel love all round,” she says. 

Participants heaped praises on the programme. “The work out was truly phenomenal! It stretched my upper body so much that I felt my muscles tone instantly. Gladys is so fit, a real role model to the ladies. The meal we were served was very healthy and gave me an idea of what to pack for lunch every day. Thea helped me to remember the need to look inward and be present in every moment to avoid depression,” says Sheila Seeletsa, one of the participants.


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