Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Physique Transformations offers 30 day fitness challenge during festive season

December is the month of Christmas, during which many people simply throw caution to the wind and eat, drink and merry-make as they please. During the Christmas season, even renowned fitness freaks forget about their strict diets and exercise regimes as they party away with abandon. 

And so it will be no surprise when we return to work in January having gained a little more weight and developed bags around our waists. Gyms will no doubt make a killing in January as many of us, now sober and hung up from the euphoria of the festive season, will be rushing to shed weight and find quick fixes to our compounded fitness problems.  

Andy Bransen, a Fitness Instructor at Physique Transformations has come up with just the right remedy for the festive season fitness blues, the 30 day challenge. The challenge, which starts on 1st December, also offers a full money back guarantee.

“This is just to prove how much we believe in the success of this program. All we ask from our clients is their full commitment,” said Bransen. 

He said the money back guarantee at his studio is the norm; except that this time around they are offering it within a shorter time frame.

“We normally work with clients on six months’ time frames, especially for clients who come with typical fitness goals, health scares like a diabetes diagnosis and the need to lose weight,” he said. 

Bransen said the 30 day challenge is targeted at those who don’t want to find themselves battling to lose weight after the festive season. Because the challenge is very intense, each client will be assigned a personal trainer. 

“Although the workouts are only 30 to 45 minutes daily, they are very intense and will target all the muscles. We will tailor make each of them looking at the specific needs of the individual. Provided they work hard and really give it their all, they will definitely see the results after the 30 days,” said Bransen.

He further explained that the challenge is not about quick fixes as it incorporates all components of fitness including physical fitness, cardio or respiratory endurance, muscular strength and flexibility.

“We guarantee that after the 30 days our clients will easily continue with an impressive level of momentum,” he said.  

He explained that after the 30 day challenge each individual will have achieved as much fitness as possible to save them from the quick fixing that others will be rushing to do in January. He further said that the response from the public has been amazing, adding that most people who have enrolled for the program include those who are already active but wish to improve, those who are afraid of putting on weight over the coming weeks and those who wish to target specific health problems that they have been struggling with during the year.

“Initially people look at the price tag attached to the package and think its steep, but once they learn that it is a fully inclusive fitness package, with a personal trainer and money back guarantee they just can’t help but jump on it,” he concluded.


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