Thursday, May 23, 2024

As Winter dissolves into Summer….

It’s that time of the year again when very soon everyone will be shedding sweat pants and turtle necks for shorts and tank tops.

Yes, despite the plummeting temperatures, summer is literally just around the corner. Contrary to the norm of there being four seasons, here in Botswana it’s either hot or cold, never in between hence our long hot summer days and long and miserable winter nights, minus the spring and fall/ autumn.

With the summer lurking in the horizon, there are more people than motor vehicles along the Western By Pass, a road that goes right through Gaborone as joggers have started the battle of the bulge in order for them to look good in their summer gear. Catching up with one of the joggers, who identified herself as Tebogo, I was told that: “In winter, we can get away with fashion murder because of the big frumpy clothes which can be worn; we have no such luck in the summer.”

Tebogo went on to show the lady lumps, explaining that in winter she could afford to have them because more often than not she is draped in shawls and trench coats.

Some flock to the gyms, go on crazy diets and many other weight loss programs.

Any child with a mother between her fifties and sixties can testify that at some point their mother had gone through some cabbage soup, meal replacement shakes and appetite suppressants at one point or another. The circle has made a complete turn seeing as the daughters are following suit but things have become more herbal and natural nowadays.

A great rock-hard toned body there would be completely useless without an equally great wardrobe and it will not come cheap. Walking through various shopping malls around the city (we have many nowadays) one will see in big bold bright red colours the word SALE!

Hold your victory dance till you get inside the shop because the clothes put on sale are the winter ones which shops are getting rid of to create space for the new season’s ranges. In these instances, common sense would dictate that one should take advantage of the winter clearance sales and stock for next winter and do the opposite at the end of summer.

When making this suggestion to a young lady, who introduced herself as Bontle at a Game City, she gawked at me as if I had spoken some Scandinavian language and responded by saying, “I would not be caught dead in last season’s clothes.”

Taking a second look at her attire, I realized that maybe she was not the best person to have asked.

Bontle was donning a pink biker jacket with all the trimmings, black designer skinny jeans and matching pink leather boots, she looked like she just walked out of a fashion magazine.

Everyone loves a summer wedding and there is no better time than early summer months before the
temperatures go up to the scorching forties. This particular time of the year would also be considered a great time for funerals but nobody plans ahead for those.

We may enjoy the lush green grass, clear blue skies but the rodents, beetles and mosquitoes that come with the summer will remind you that it is not always so rosy.


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