Saturday, March 2, 2024

BFA mulls scraping away FODA

The ambitious Football Development Appeal (FODA by the Botswana Football Association (BFA) launched in 2008 might be scrapped because it is going at a very slow pace.

David Fani, the President of the BFA, says that the money they had wanted to raise is way too much and looks it unlikely they will reach the target. “When I took over the BFA from my predecessor, Dikgana ‘Philip’ Makgalemele, FODA was already a year and a half old. The ambition was to raise P212 million but as I am talking to you now we have only raised just over a million Pula,” he said.

Fani said it will be really difficult to raise that amount of money because companies have tight budgets and he does not foresee them coming forward the way they had hoped. The current economic uncertainties are also making the situation worse, he said.

To drive the project forward, a marketing company was put in place. Eventually, one of the leading chain stores, Choppies, got in to help and contributed five thebe for every plastic purchased from their stores.

The main purpose of the project was to raise money and build two youth sports academies in the country. The academies were meant to spearhead sports development in the country.

If the BFA decides to scrap FODA, it might prove to be a drawback for the BFA because even Premier League teams are struggling to have their own youth sports academies. By the time it was launched several renowned sports figures pledged support in terms of cattle and even money. The BFA wanted to model it around the University of Batswana, where Batswana contributed cattle to help construct the University.

Since Fani defeated Makgalemele in 2008, there has not been much drive on it.


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