Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Balopi not defending his BDP position?

The Secretary General of the Botswana Democratic Party Mpho Balopi is expected not to defend his position at the party’s elective congress in July.

A close associate of Balopi has said the BDP Secretary General intends to go back to business.

Balopi was first roped into the high profile position after the resignation of Kentse Rammidi.

Balopi was subsequently elected at a Maun Congress.

A colourful personality, with a taste for finer things in life, Balopi’s tenure has had mixed reviews.

An attempt on his part to rebrand the party was criticized as a ploy towards detaching the party away from its rural strongholds.

During his time, the party also had to undergo a messiest primary election season since it was established.

This led to a high number of disgruntled members opting to resign from the party and stand as independents.
Yet more others defected to the opposition party.

The worst was to come at the General Elections.

At the General Elections last year the BDP recorded the lowest votes as percentage of the total.

For the first time the BDP saw its share of the popular vote go below the symbolically important 50 percent threshold.

Balopi’s associates say he still had big plans to turn around the party fortunes.

Those plans included a major rebranding which is unlikely to go ahead if he steps down.


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