Monday, July 22, 2024

Boyce Sebetlela raises his hand for position of BDP Secretary General

By Calistus Bosaletswe

Former Palapye Member of Parliament , Boyce Sebetlela is actively making preparations to contest  the position of Secretary General at the Botswana Democratic Party elective congress next year.

He is currently making consultations.

A former minister, Sebetlela is currently a senior executive at Debswana Diamond Company.

In an interview, he said  that he is hoping that he will be given a green light to stand for the position during following the consultations.

Sebetela has thrown his support behind current President, Mokgweetsi Masisi arguing that he will no go against the tradition.  In an interview he indicated that as a disciplined BDP member he has no faction but promises that he will support the current president.

 “Anybody who has followed me knows that I don’t condone factions. As a disciplined member of the BDP I support the president,” said Sebetela.

Sebetela indicated that he does not support factionalism because he wants freedom to state his position without a favour.

Sebetela intentions to contest for SG position come at a time when the party is reeling from factions.  The BDP factions are fuelled by the fight that has ensued between Masisi and former President Ian Khama.

The two have had a might fall-out that has been running for a few months now after Khama stepped down as the President. Currently there is faction within the ruling party which intends to challenge President Masisi next year.

A faction that is known as Jerusalem which is close to former president is expected to challenge Masisi faction at the congress.

President Masisi is currently travelling around the country meeting BDP members about factionalism which is threatening to split the party.

Some members of parliament are currently supporting the former President while others are supporting Masisi.

One of the BDP members who is also eyeing for the position of BDP Secretary general is Samson Moyo Guma. Moyo Guma confirmed to Sunday Standard that he has been approached to stand for the position.

Moyo Guma confirmed to Sunday Standard that a stream of emissaries have been filing into his residence, there to persuade him to stand for the position of BDP Secretary General at the party’s elective  a Congress  due next year. He has not made a decision yet, but is clear from his tone that he feels flattered.

Sebetela’s intentions to stand will see the BDP heavy weights battling for the position at the next year congress.

The incumbent SG, Mpho Balopi is not yet clear if he will be defending his position.

If the contest between Balopi and Moyo-Guma ultimately happens, as it looks increasingly ever more likely, it will be a mouth-watering political encounter.

Already there are signs that the fight if it happens will be bitter, catty and bitchy.

It will be about control of the BDP soul, with one eye certainly rained on the ultimate prize ÔÇô the presidency.

“Yes, it is true that I have been lobbied. Scores of BDP activists have insisted I should stand. I have no way of stopping them from saying out their wishes. Honestly I do not want to talk about this anymore than just what I have told you. But I know you can get, the drift,” said Moyo-Guma when asked by Sunday Standard a few months back.


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