Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Barclays customers enjoy new cash transfer service

Barclays Bank continues to assert itself as the “Go-To bank as Botswana’s banking landscape experiences growth. This week, the bank launched an affordable and hassle-free card-less money transfer service called “Cash Send,” which will change the way Batswana bank.

Barclays customers will no longer have to be physically present at banking halls to send or receive money, or to effect some business transactions. Through Cash Send, a customer can transfer amounts between P20. 00 to P4 000 to any location in Botswana.

Commenting on the new service, Barclays Managing Director, Reinette van der Merwe said: “We are proud to continue developing products that are relevant to the needs of Batswana. As a responsible corporate citizen, we realise our obligation to ensure we cater for the unbanked population of our society. Cash Send allows Barclays customers to electronically transfer funds to anyone in Botswana – even someone who doesn’t have a bank account-without having to physically go inside a bank.”

Reinette further explained that this is an important development and a real game changer in the disbursements of funds, considering that it extends the service to individuals without bank accounts. Furthermore, Cash Send is configured to assure security of funds from fraud and theft and privacy of records, as only the sender and recipient will know about the transaction.

To use the service, Barclays customers will need to purchase an electronic Money Voucher at any of the Barclays ATMs located countrywide through the ATM’s ‘more services’ menu option.

In an effort to support government in offering banking solutions to Batswana, Barclays has since 1990 built the largest footprint of 43 branches and 114 ATMs across the country.


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