Friday, March 1, 2024

BTC gives customers joy with new 4G service

The Botswana Telecommunication Cooperation (BTC) has introduced the fourth generation network (4G) service to its customers for a better, faster and steadier connectivity said the telecommunications giant. 

“The wide 4G coverage is to make the lives of the BTC customers easier to connect with their families, friends and colleagues through video calls, playing online games, stream High Definition (HD) movies and downloading other content seamlessly,” reads a statement announcing the new development.

BTC Managing Director Anthony Masunga informed Sunday Standard that the company will leverage on having widest network coverage in the country for a broader market reach. 

He said: “We are proud to bring to the market the fastest network connectivity with 4G as we further improve telecommunications accessibility for Batswana. 

“We have tested and retested our network capability to ensure that we have a robust service that can connect customers from over 95 sites with the widest coverage in the country.” 

He said their clients will now be able to connect with their loved ones across the world while they enjoy some of the best quality content online. 

BTC provides the widest network coverage in Botswana reaching almost 90 percent of the population. 

The Cooperation has a telecommunication infrastructure  that is considered to be one of the most modern in Africa  with a network that consist of all digital microwave and fibre optic system with digital exchanges that provide high quality service.


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