Friday, April 19, 2024

New Barclays MD says bank needs to attract new customers

The new Managing Director of Barclays Bank, Wilfred Mpai, says he is ready to lead the bank to greater heights and ensure that they attract competent manpower and improve customer satisfaction to maintain their financial strength.

Addressing the media at a cocktail this week, Mpai said Barclays is faced with new challenges, and there is a need to increase their suite of products and services and back them with the right technology.

“We have to attract new customers, regain lost ones and retain the ones that we have. We have to realign our competencies and hire the requisite skilled manpower,” he said.

He added that the global economic recession forced them to be more deliberate and decisive in their operations.

“The banking industry continues to evolve, and it is important that we formulate new strategies and plans of action to make sure that we maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction and at the same time garner profits for our shareholders,” he said.

Mpai cited a number of new products, like My Zaka, mobile banking and internet banking as proof that they are realigning their modus operandi from brick and mortar strategies and taking a direction that will ensure customer satisfaction.

He added that Barclays is faced with many challenges, many of them revolving around balance. He said they have to balance their quest to provide the perfect service with the cost of providing such service, and ensure that they are able to provide their customers with the much needed financing while at the same time adhering to the principles of responsible lending.

However, Mpai admitted that it will not be smooth sailing going ahead, as leading a big bank with a huge foot print like Barclays is not an easy feat.

Mpai also said Barclays remains responsible to community development, as they have to contribute their bit to shaping the future and giving back to the community within which they operate.


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