Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Batswana welcome the new cooler version of local rock!

Like it or not, little by little, local rock music is making its way into Batswana’s hearts.

What with the likes of Skinflint and Nosey Road showing signs of major talent, and a number of impressive followers.

Just last month, this very paper announced that Skinflint, which is fast gaining popularity in the country, is releasing yet another album.

Forget the days when we thought local rock was for those guys who dressed up in cowboys hats, thin black pointed shoes, and red bandanas around their mouths, while wearing skin tight jeans and walking around in packs like wolves, singing along to lyrics that said, “I am going to kill your mother and sister while I run your daddy down with my Chevrolet with my precious guitar sitting in the passenger seat”.

Gone are the days when we used to single them out and call them, ”marockara”.

Nah, the local rock scene is welcoming a more tolerant following, the ‘normal’ bunch that just appreciates good music, music that shows its coming from the heart, music that makes you feel involved, and that guitar sound, that one that makes one wish he too could play it like that, good music that brings people together.

Beware ladies and gentlemen that the local rock scene is set to become big in no time at all.

For some, rock has always been an all time favourite, I mean look at the older generation who grew up in the midst of Aerosmith (my old time favourite too), Bon Jovi,(the best group ever),Metallica, Def Leopard, Marilyn Manson, Kiss Kiss, I could go on forever but these are bands the elder generation grew up listening to and loving.

They might not always have known the lyrics but they sure found alternative Setswana words to help them sing along.
Although this is irrelevant who could forget how our elder generation completely mutilated that Michael Jackson, Keep on Don’t stop, they made their own version because they loved the song but some could hardly hear the lyrics.

“Ke bale ka di botsotso, ba tshwere macheri da!”, imagine, I am quite sure that’s not what the song said but that’s what they sang.

But rock found a more stable ground in the lives of the younger generation. Most of us came across the music on TV, thank god for DSTV.

Nearly all the movies we used to watch as teenagers had rock music soundtracks that were completely out of this world. Remember the good old American Pie movies?

They mostly had songs from the likes of Blink 182 and Michelle Branch that we just couldn’t get enough of, after that they stuck on us. Whenever you went to a party you wanted to hear that type of music because you wanted to relive what you saw in the movies. Anyway they stuck and you began to dig out more and more rock songs and discover new bands.
The newer generation is fully aware of bands such as Nickleback, Linkin Park, Green Day, Simple Plan, Blink 182, Creed, and even solo rock girls like Pink and Avril Lavigne.

Bon Jovi is still a favourite though.
But all these groups are from overseas, out of the country. We have long loved their music but were sometimes ashamed to be associated with it because we would interpret that as meaning that we want our boys to wear skinny jeans while their belts go all the way up to their necks.

No more! Those who want to dress like that still can, it’s allowed but local rock is much more tolerable right now, so it’s time to cash in, become groupies or just show support for this music entity.

We love rock and local is lekker!


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