Saturday, May 21, 2022

Rock band Skinflint to launch fourth album

Skinflint, Botswana’s very own internationally acclaimed Rock ‘n Roll band will on September 6 launch their new album, titled “Nyemba”.

The launch, which will be held in Tlokweng, will give Rock ‘n Roll music heads a chance to enjoy a night of electrifying heavy metal rock splendor.

The African heavy metal band has three members, two male and one female. Giuseppe Sbrana plays guitar and vocals while Kebonye Nkoloso is a bass guitarist and Alessandra Sbrana is on drums.

Skinflint is an internationally renowned Rock band with a string of successful tours and headline shows across Africa and Europe. They have also played alongside international acts such as Carcass (UK) and Parlotones (RSA).

Some of Skinflint’s outstanding albums include IKLWA (2010), GAUNA (2011) and DIPOKO (2012). All the albums have been hailed as pioneering examples of how traditional heavy metal can be blended with African lyrical concepts and musical theory. The lyrics in most Skinflint songs address a wide range of subjects and topics which vary from traditional ancestral beliefs to African mythology. This has helped the band receive global exposure. Skinflint has been interviewed by international media such as CNN and TV networks such as Swedish National TV and Dutch TV, which all came to Botswana to interview the Rock ‘n Roll band.

Skinflint’s performance of GAUNA, after the interview, received international acclaim when it was aired worldwide on both TV and CNN internet sites.

Skinflint launched their fourth album “DIPOKO” at the Rockcember festival in Gaborone and the Nairobi Rock Fest in Kenya in December 2012. Skinflint has also won the 2nd “Annual African Metal” awards for general excellence and best metal player of the year, which was handed over to the band’s male lead vocalist and guitarist Giuseppe Sbrana. In 2013 the band performed in several local concerts and later embarked on a successful Swedish tour in October-November 2013.

“We performed in Stockholm and Umea. I must say it was very cold at the time,” said Kebonye Nkoloso, who hails from Palapye.

After making international headlines, the album “DIPOKO” won an international award. It also successfully topped the African Metal Charts as song of the year. In South Africa, the local rock band has headlined international rock shows such as the Whiplash Metal Festival in Cape Town. Their recent performance was at The Root Gallery in Johannesburg.

In an interview, Alessandra Sbrana said their genre of rock music was mainly inspired by well-known rock acts such Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. Well known for her tough talking and masculine acts, the band’s female member, Alessandra Sbrana said she is inspired by the fact that many other local female rock enthusiasts are increasingly becoming attracted to their music.

“I think the appeal has grown amongst women, so slowly they are getting to like it,” she said.

Currently, Skinflint has completed putting the finishing touches to their fourth studio album, which will be released next week Saturday at Mopipi Gardens in Tlokweng. The album, titled “Nyemba” will be available at the launch. Entry fees range from P50 without a CD and P100 with a CD. The show starts at 3 PM.


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