Saturday, May 28, 2022

Rock music making bold return in Botswana

It was a night to remember for Rock lovers and enthusiasts on Saturday as local rock groups, together with a South African rock band, Rhutzh, gave a massive and action-packed performance at the Shebeen Club in Maruapula. 
The show started at a slow pace, with the Gaborone-based rock group, SMS Blue Band, warming the stage with some older, slow but up to the beat tunes. It received enthusiastic response.

The band later performed some high-paced tunes and rock lovers, who came in full force decked in their cowboy tight jeans and jackets, were on their feet dancing to the tunes.
┬áAs the SMS Blue Band stepped off the stage, the youthful and vibrant Skinflint took over, much to everyone’s fanfare as it presented its latest offering, Massive Destruction.

The group, which is made up of the trio of Kebonye Nkala (bass guitar), Giussepe Sbrana (lead vocalist) and Mothusi Mahuri, on drums, kept everyone occupied on the dance floor.
One song that had everyone dancing and singing was Army of the Dead, the number three track on the new collection. 

Skinflint┬áthen passed the baton of the raging guitars and thundering drums to their elders and the Godfathers of the local Rock scene, Nosey Road Band, who didn’t disappoint the large crowd, who were certainly enjoying their time despite the cold night, as they gave some of their best songs, from old to the latest albums.┬á

Rhuthz, a heavy metal group from South Africa, kept the flames up to the highest level as they offered some heavy metal tunes from their latest album, entitled The Colour Of Television.

Despite the heavy metal sound, the crowd was kept on their toes as the lyrics provided food for thought and the compositions kept everyone nodding their heads in dance and appreciation.  
It is unquestionable that rock music is on the up on the local scene as evidenced by the large attendance at the show.

The organizer of the show, who is also a member of the popular local rock band, Nosey Road, Ivo Sbrana, observed that the turn up was very good and, all in all, the show was a success.

“Rock music is becoming strong; since last year, we presented many rock shows countrywide and the turn up was always satisfying,” he said.

 One thing that proved his point is that there was another rock show by some local rock groups at the same time and day at the Prisons Mess.

The fans had wanted to see all the groups performing but they couldn’t be at both places at the same time.

However, Sbrana stated that the situation was beyond their control as they had invited the other groups to join them but the problem was that they had all made bookings therefore they couldn’t change at the last minute.
 The Nosey Road lead singer promised rock lovers more shows as they have more shows lined up this year.

One will be on the 1st of August in Maun and another is on the 5th of September, which is an annual event called Woodstock. The two-day show, which originated in the United States, will be at Lions Park and will include many local groups of different genres.

┬á“Our next, 11th album, will be coming sometime around September; it is one of our best works so far. We are happy with the rock scene in the country and the support that we get. Finally, I would like to plead with the local radio stations to play more of rock music as there are a lot of people out there who would like to listen to it.”


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