Monday, July 22, 2024

BCP disowns its youth league

The Botswana Congress Party (BCP) has dissociated itself from a campaign by its youth league to push for a pact with the opposition Botswana National Front, excluding the Botswana Movement for Democracy.

The BCP Youth League said this week it would lobby its mother body to form an electoral pact with the BNF in the event that the opposition negotiations collapse. The BCP Youth League said it would also lobby its mother body for the BNF to lead opposition in parliament.

The BCP spokesman, Taolo Lucas, said the views of the youth league do not reflect the party position.

┬á“We don’t share the views of the BCP youth. We want to disassociate ourselves with the youth league views. The youth league was out of order to issue a media statement around sensitive issues without the courtesy of informing us. They should take us on board if they have issues they feel strongly about,” said Lucas.

The BCP spokesman said the BCP will engage its youth league on the sensitivity of issues regarding opposition negotiations.

This comes after the BNF decided to take disciplinary action against its youth league leader, Kagiso Ntime, who expressed similar sentiments.

Currently, the BCP has dropped out of the race for leader of opposition lagging behind BNF and BMD which are tied at six MPs apiece. The BNF has, however, indicated that it will not challenge BMD for the position of Leader of Opposition.

The BCP and the BNF have had no disagreements over the sharing of constituencies at their bilateral talks while the BMD has had problems with both parties in the allocation of constituencies.
The BCPYL, excited by the prospect of an electoral pact, wants the conveners of the opposition talks to expedite conclusions and give verdict and position on the talks before the end of this year.

┬á“We have seen with outmost shock and disappointment the public shared view of the BCP Youth League on social sites and otherwise. We shall as a mother body level not engage in dialogue with the BCP Youth League on matters they raised on such a public communication. We are steadfast in our conviction that the BCP shall, through its internal processes, engage their young Turks and act in the interest of the nation,” said Rasina Winfred Rasina, the BMD national spokesman.

Rasina said his party has since requested its youth league to look into the matter, to check the genuineness of the alleged BCPYL communication and interrogate it further at a level of their peers.
“We also call upon all the negotiating opposition political parties to continue using proper channels of communications and to urge their structures and internal institutions to follow suit,” said the BMD spokesperson.


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