Wednesday, September 30, 2020

BCP Youth League applauds Mukokomani’s decision

The Botswana Congress Party Youth League (BCP-YL) would like to publicly applaud the newly elected Mayor of Selibe Phikwe, His Worship Lekang Mukokomani, for his bold actions and loyalty to his conscience with regard to electing the Mayor and deputy Mayor of Selibe Phikwe recently. Mr Mukokomani, who is a BDP elected Councilor, decided to stand against Tebogo Matlhogonolo of the BDP for the position of Mayor contrary to a resolution of a BDP caucus.

After he was elected as the new Mayor, Mukokomani decided to cast his vote in favour of youthful BCP councilor, Amex Mponwane, indicating that he needed to work with someone whose loyalty is not in doubt.

BCP Youth League fully agrees with Mukokomani that Selibe Phikwe Town Council should not be run based on party lines, hence agreeing with him that if he so considered Amex Mponwane an ideal candidate to deputise him, so be it.

BCP Youth League fully agrees with Mukokomane that he has committed no offence as he voted with his conscience. We are aware that there were previous BDP meetings that had endorsed Mukokomani to stand for the deputy position, only for this decision to be changed later by some “influential” people in the BDP simply because Mukokomani is a Mokalaka. BCP Youth league condemns this act of tribalism and our position is that we must not vote people into positions of responsibility because of their ethnicity.

BCP youth league fully agrees with Mukokomani that his decision to snub a BDP candidate in favour of a BCP candidate is a sign that democracy is growing. Mukokomani is spot on by indicating that he condemns the practice of specially nominated councilors who would crop up in council chambers to present themselves as deputy mayor candidates yet having not been voted by the people, especially that the Minister who appointed Mmapula Phuduhudu does not even know her. We fully agree with Mukokomani that he has committed no offence in choosing the BCP candidate and that his party’s constitution does not provide for regional members to participate in councilor’s caucus meetings.

Information & Publicity Secretary
BCP Youth League


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