Thursday, July 7, 2022

BDF V and Troopers are the top four tourney winners

BDF V ladies and Troopers are this year’s winners of the Top Four Basketball championship that came to an end over the weekend.

The two teams had also claimed the title for the ended basketball league. BDF V once again trampled over Police, beating them in both games they played.
BDF V scored 76 points to 65 of Police in the first game. Police failed to come around in the second round, losing the game with 53 points to 67 of BDF V.

BDF V therefore won the games 2- 0 making them this year’s ladies champions of the Top Four championship.
In the men’s category, Troopers once again claimed victory over rivals Spartans. Spartans had also lost to Troopers in the league.

In the first of their two encounters, Troopers proved their determination to remain champions when they treaded on Spartans from the onset. They won the game with 83 points to 73 points for Spartans.

In the second leg of the games, Troopers continued their reign. Troopers scored 82 points to 67 points for Spartans. This gave Troopers a 2-0 victory over Spartans to become the male champions of the Top Four Tournament. The championships wrapped the year for the Botswana Basketball Association (BBA).

The Association chairperson, Kabo Khama, told The Telegraph that the year was a good one for them despite the challenges they encountered. He said they managed to bring back the sport to life after a barren year. “In 2008, there wasn’t any competitive basketball and this year that all changed. We have managed to see ten men teams play.

Though women did not show any interest, they managed to come back along the way,” he said. He further said that competition was also high, stating that teams as far as Francistown showed enthusiasm.

“One of our achievements is having managed to put together a league without a sponsor,” he said.
Khama asserted that they were faced with a number of challenges, stating that first and foremost, it was lack of play.

“The league started on a slow pace, teams did not honour fixtures but officials talked to the concerned teams and this was resolved,” he added.
He further said teams did not honour fixtures and two teams had to be suspended for constantly doing so.

“The biggest challenge was running the league without a sponsor. However, the passion and commitment the players had is what pulled it through,” said Khama. He further said to minimize costs, they also reduced travelling for teams.

Furthermore he explained that they are expecting a lot for the year 2010.
“We are expecting so much for the year 2010. Most teams which did not make it to the courts this year will be back.

We are also starting to speak to potential sponsors during the off season and hoping to get some as they have been seeing how committed the association is,” he added.

He also noted that they are expecting to see more ladies teams on the courts next year as well as have high competition.


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