Friday, March 1, 2024

BDP has a white oppressive mentality against Batswana ÔÇô Hubona

With only a few days left before the general elections, Botswana Congress Party (BCP) member of parliament for Francistown West, Dr Habaudi Hubona has accused the ruling Botswana Democratic Party(BDP) of having a “white oppressive mentality against Batswana”.

Addressing a mini BCP rally at Gerald Estates recently, Dr Hubona said the ruling party was founded on white European values with a view that black people are inferior and not entitled to developments.

“The BDP is a party that was founded on European white ideologies that black people are inferior and are not entitled to good living conditions. To give you an example when I was studying in Europe, a number of white students were shocked that I was in the same school with them. They would ask me if my father had the means to send me to such a school because they believed that a black person is not entitled to better education. This is the mentality that the BDP leadership has against Batswana. They believe Batswana are not entitled to better living conditions,” she said.

Dr Hubona, who has only been in parliament for six months, made history when she became the first woman parliamentary candidate from the opposition to make it to parliament. She will battle it out against Ignatius Moswaane of the BDP and Shathiso Tambula of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) for the Francistown West Constituency in the coming elections.

She further accused the BDP of neglecting Batswana as evidenced by poor housing facilities, declining quality of education and poor health systems putting citizens at a risk to health hazards.

Dr Hubona said that it is disappointing to note that after 48 years of independence Batswana still use pit latrines in their homesteads.

She also said the poor living conditions are the major factors that contribute towards the rise of HIV/Aids in the country and other diseases in the country. She further raised fears of Ebola disease ravaging the country due the deplorable living conditions.

“Botswana is also vulnerable to the Ebola disease because of these poor living conditions. Believe me, Ebola is coming and it is going to ravage the country just like HIV/Aids as long as the BDP is in power. The BDP has failed Batswana dismally and it is time to vote it out,” she said.

Dr Hubona also expressed disappointment over failure by the BDP to develop Francistown West constituency. She said unlike other constituencies in Francistown, this constituency has been neglected and is mostly plagued by poverty, unemployment and poor infrastructure.


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