Thursday, April 25, 2024

BDP knew of Boko’s plans to resign as early as last month

Don’t be too surprised if you learn, in not too long, that former Mahalapye East MP, Yandani Boko, has assumed a role that aligns him too closely with the ruling party. Why would we say that?

The answer is to be found in a Parrot News video that has gained new life following Boko’s dramatic resignation last Thursday morning. In the video, Boko is being asked about statements that he made earlier during a less-guarded, on-the-record moment, which statements he appears to be walking back. One such statement, which has been audio-recorded, is one in which Boko says that he is “tired” and wants to “quit” politics. Given that this statement was audio-recorded during an on-the-record interview, he then makes the impossible claim that he never made it. He admits though that he and his comrades don’t see eye to eye on some issues but insists that he is not quitting politics and will be seeking re-election this year. The interview was done outside parliament at the National Assembly buildings, just before a session started because people can be seen walking past headed for the chamber. The most interesting part is when the Minister of Youth, Gender, Sports and Culture, Tumiso Rakgare, passes by and interrupts an interview which was conducted on February 22.

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