Wednesday, July 24, 2024

BFA Seizes BFL Autonomy

Following this season’s turbulence’s, the Botswana Football Association National Executive Committee (BFA NEC) has acted decisively and has seized the autonomy of the elite league.

According to information from BFA, the NEC resolved to usurp the BFL autonomy during its meeting held on the 24th of May 2024. The BFA will now be in control of the premier league for the coming season of 2024/2025.

BFL has of recent been dominating sport pages for wrong reasons. Both national leagues first Divisions and Premier league will be run by the mother body at the start of the coming new season.

Since late last year the top league has been embroiled in power struggle between the board and the league shareholders. The wars at one point led to the suspension of the league by the board pending resolution of conflicts between board chairman Nikolas Zakhem on one hand and some members of the board and the shareholders on the other. Zakhem was accused of taking unilateral decisions without consent of other board members.

The power struggle among the BFL leadership also led to suspensions and court cases, forcing the BFA to intervene. The power struggle also rubbed many the wrong way as they believed it would tarnish the game and make it unattractive to potential sponsors and partners.

In an effort to bring sanity to the league, the BFA then suspended the BFL board and took powers of the board to run the league. With the season now but closed, the football association leadership has now found it an opportune time to act.

“Following a comprehensive evaluation by the task force of BFA, the NEC has resolved to temporarily take back the regulatory and administrative power that it had previously delegated to the BFL for operation of professional football,” a statement from the BFA reads.

According to the wisdom of the BFA NEC the decision has been taken to allow for proper transitional process to take place and to equip the BFL with the necessary tools and strengthen its governance and administrative capacity in transitioning autonomy back to the BFL regulatory. The transition will commence with the 2024 – 2025 season, ensuring a smooth and efficient transfer of responsibilities back to the BFL.

The BFA says the transitional process shall be in the form of four phase approach which will be implemented through a structured and multi-phased process to transition and ensure the return of well grounded autonomy to the BFL.

The BFA believes the temporary takeover will enhance governance and foster growth and development at BFL and to enable premier league teams to assume professionalism and commercialization. 


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