Thursday, July 18, 2024

BFL withdraws charges against Tebogo Sebego

The Botswana Football League has dropped the accusations it filed against Tebogo Sebego, with no order for costs. The decision was communicated to the BFL Disciplinary Committee through a letter signed by Chief prosecutor Charles McErick. 

In the letter, he states that the decision was made after careful deliberation and review of the facts surrounding the claims against Sebego, and that he considered it as appropriate to dismiss them “for both their sakes.”

BFL requested that the Disciplinary Committee take note of their decision and discontinue all procedures involving the aforementioned charge sheet. McErick thanked the committee for their attention to the situation and for comprehending why they decided to withdraw the charges at this time. They went on to state that they will comply in providing any more information that might be sought of them.

Sebego was faced with charges of misconduct stemming from allegations that he instructed BFL shareholders that the league would not play until disputes had been resolved. This is said to have been in contravention of the BFA constitution, the BFL constitution and the Memorandum of Agreement entered into between the BFA and the BFL. 

“The BFL board, under the purported Interim Chairmanship of the respondent proceeded in defiance of the BFA, to suspend the league activity despite several warnings of the BFA … in gross violation of the statutes,” Sebego’s charge sheet reads.

According to sources, when appearing before the BFL DC on Tuesday, Sebego had questioned whether they had jurisdiction over him. He informed the BFL DC that the article he was charged with was meant for players, clubs and officials, of which he was not among them.

He also questioned whether the BFL DC had the jurisdiction to oversee a matter which had already been adjudicated by a higher body, being the BFA DC and the BFA Appeals committee. Both had exonerated Sebego. 

Responding to Sebego’s preliminary points, the BFL Chief Prosecutor asked the BFL DC to give him time to look into the points raised and decide if the hearings should continue. 

“It was all based off of nothing. It was just pettiness and strategies to oust me from running for the presidency post. I dropped out of the race, they have achieved what they wanted, congratulations to them!” Sebego said when contacted for comment.


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