Tuesday, August 9, 2022

BHC donates to Athlone Hospital in Lobatse

As part of their corporate social responsibility policy (CSR), which is in line with the ideals of Vision 2016, particularly the pillar of building a Compassionate, Just and Caring Nation, the Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) on Wednesday donated a Porta-camp Office to Athlone Hospital in Lobatse.
Speaking at the handover ceremony at Athlone Hospital, Lobatse BHC Estate Manager, France Kalanke, announced that as part of their CSR policy, BHC management had found it appropriate to assist charitable organizations as well as deserving institutions.
“I believe that this donation will go a long way in addressing the problems of acute office accommodation at Athlone Hospital,” said Kalanke. He hoped that the Porta-Camp would be put to good use in offering counseling services and dispensing of anti-retroviral drugs. Kalanke said this was not only going to benefit the community of Lobatse but also the surrounding areas.

Receiving the donation, the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Moonga, stated that the BHC had demonstrated willingness to journey with the government of Botswana towards the full realization of the developmental agenda for this country.
“What has been done and shown by BHC today is a clear testimony to its compliance with this country’s Vision 2016 aspirations,” he said.
Moonga said leaving the responsibility of health care provision in the country to government alone proves to be a mammoth task. Therefore, he said, the gesture shown by BHC served to add and compliment government efforts currently on the ground.
He said office space for documents and other accessories had been expanded and those other services that had been suspended would now be resumed because there was space.
“BHC, re a leboga. May your response to this Public-Private-Partnership grow from strength to strength as we pursue the National Vision relentlessly. Do not tire to show good where and when it is due,” he said.
Extending his heartfelt gratitude at his first public assignment as mayor, Lobatse Town Mayor, Legodile Serema, pointed out that the Porta-camp was not only a gift to Athlone Hospital but to Lobatse as a whole.
“All we can say is thank you; God bless you so that you can be able to assist more organizations,” said Serema.


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