Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The Chase continues on big brother

The Chase for US $300 000 was in full swing again this weekend as housemates were ordered out of the Big Brother Africa , The Chase house on Sunday.

The eviction of Angolans, Biguesas and Neyl, now means both Angola and Uganda have no more representation in the game after Denzel and Huddah were eliminated in the first and second Sunday, respectively.

Just a week after South Africa’s Koketso had fallen victim to Selly’s Head of House (HOD)’s save and replace decision. The Ghanaian, who was HOD for the second week running, was at it again as she sent Neyll packing following her decision to save Botswana’s Oneal and replace him with the Angolan.

Selly had earlier, on Friday, sent Neyll back to his original house (Diamonds) after the Angolan had been instrumental in helping the Rubies win the Airtel Arena Challenge together with Maria and welcomed Fatima and Feza into her prefecture.

Now with the benefit of hindsight, it has become clear that this was a well calculated move by Selly not to have to look Neyll in the eye while announcing her save and replace decision after she had faced the same ordeal with Koketso a week ealier. Knowing that Neyll was safely tuck in the Diamond House, she confidently stood up during the Live Eviction Show and declared to the Housemates that she had saved Oneal and put Neyll in his place to which Oneal’s eyes almost popped out in shock.

Ironically, Oneal had also nominated Neyll for possible eviction. “I nominate Neyll for the simple reason that his name sounds like mine and that may cause some confusion,” said Oneal during his nomination session.

It seems there was no love lost between the two as Neyll also accused Oneal of being “bossy” and hiding alcohol.

Biguesas was the first to leave the house on Sunday, leaving behind his love interest Natasha (Malawi) who was also up for possible eviction. The Angolan, who had quit his job and studies to join the game told host, IK, that he had no regrets.

Back in the house, the relationship between Oneal and Feza seems to be growing by the hour since she was brought back into the Ruby House by Selly and Oneal’s possible eviction looks to have brought them even closer.

Oneal had told Big Brother in his Diary Session moments before the Live Eviction Show that he would miss the Tanzanian beauty the most if he was to be evicted. The pair even shared a bed on Sunday night. Only time will tell whether or not the relationship will weather the twists and turns that come with the game.

Ruby House: Elikem, Oneal, Natasha. Bassey saved Pokello and put up Oneal.

Diamond House: Betty, Bolt Nando, Motamma. Anabel saved herself and put up Motamma.


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