Thursday, May 23, 2024

Big Brother frolicking

“Immorality triumphs over morality…”

Richard Bezuidenhout (Tanzania) from Big Brother Africa Two, did it with Tatiana Durao (Angola) and he won, so why shouldn’t BBA3’s Latoya Lyakurwa (Tanzania, as well) not try it? She seems to share the same mentality as her countryman.

It seems as if the people of Africa enjoy seeing people having fun with each other physically.

In fact, the people who break most laws on BBA are the ones who are likely to have a better chance at winning than those who are themselves.

Those who go for the winning strategies of frolicking with another housemate seemingly last longer than those who don’t…what with Abby and Gaitano from the first BBA reaching the top three and Richard and Tatiana creating the same record.

Come to think of it, Morris was from Uganda, same as Gaitano. Can someone spot a similarity here?

With Richard being a newly wed, the situation was a bit more complex. And Africa knew it yet it never seemed to be a factor on his triumph to take the prize money.

Both Latoya and Morris are unattached so why not keep Africa glued to the screen if they can?

”Is this what Africa has stooped to in the name of entertainment?” one viewer enquired after the results proved that the majority of Africa voted for a man who was cheating on his wife on national television and deemed him a hero when he returned home.

It’s only the first week in the House but the other Tanzanian seems ready to follow in her compatriot’s footsteps of using sexual advances to entertain the overly eager viewers of Africa.

Botswana’s very own Tawana faces difficult challenges ahead as she is not about to match herself with a man in Big Brother, which might present a problem for her seeing as how Africa is only entertained by action.

One would suspect that the reason so many people like Big Brother is because it has no morals that haunt one’s conscience. Apparently, some people would like to watch other people do what they themselves are unable to do because of their social background or other reasons.

It’s quite rare for goody two shoes to win the BBA prize because they are just not appealing.
What is the main reason behind Big Brother?

Comments picked from the Internet describe BBA as a despicable show that is after profits and not involved in any way or committed to building integrity in society.

Meanwhile, many people are skeptical as to whether our contestant from Botswana will even reach the last five as she is already causing rifts between herself and the housemates by unnecessary comments that she makes in light of small situations.


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