Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Big Brother Revolution hits the screens

Big Brother Revolution has been on the screens of DSTV subscribers for a week now.

The controversial show has promised its viewers a new uplifted and daring show, full of surprises.

The first series of the revolutionary twist saw the house getting almost full with males from across Africa.

It was a must watch as the contestants’ identities were revealed for the first time since the auditions for the most popular and most successful reality show started. Their identities were only revealed the day they entered the house and have not been known to the general public.

The show is expected to run for 91 days with the grand finale being on the 6th of December.

The cash prize money has also been raised to US $200 000
Tshepho Maphanyane, Public Relations Officer at Multichoice Botswana, revealed that an important part of this season’s revolution is that viewers will vote to keep their favourite housemate in the game, whereas they previously voted for the contestant they would like to see evicted.

“Apart from 12 male housemates, Big Brother Revolution also features a pair of identical twins who will play the game in turns, a quick-fire nomination within the first 24 hours and news that a group of female housemates will join the boys in the house this week ÔÇô something the boys don’t know yet!,” she said.

Botswana’s representative in the house this year is a Kanye-born Kaone Ramontshhonyana.

Other housemates include unassuming Zimbabwean Itai Makumbe, super-confident Ugandan Hannington Kutessa, who made a dash to kiss the hand of the glamorous Khanyi before introducing himself to the rest of the Starmates and Itai.

Third into the house was Teddy from Kenya ÔÇô the self-proclaimed ‘Mr Nice Guy’ ÔÇô whose first impression of the house was, “Whoa, this is one serious digs, man!”

Next housemate to join the fray was Botswana’s Ramontshonyana, a livewire who got the studio audience jumping before meeting his new housemates.
Sixth into the house ÔÇô with still not a female contestant in sight ÔÇô was Ethiopian Yacob, who promised viewers that he would “be real ÔÇô just me”. His first question on entering the house was, “Whaddya mean ÔÇô it’s all male here?” – something that surprised the whole continent just as he was!

Mozambican Leonel was next up, promising the audience a lot of fun before taking his first tentative steps into the house.

Ghanaian firecracker Wayoe was the ninth housemate introduced to the continent, looking set to introduce unique energy into the show and the house.

Uganda’s Phil and Jeremy from Kenya were next in to join an increasingly-perplexed group of men inside the house.

Last on stage was Namibia’s Edward but, true to form, Big Brother had saved the best for last!

Moments after IK welcomed Edward to the stage, an identical stranger walked on stage and joined them. It was Edward’s twin Erastus!

In a Revolutionary twist, Edward and Erastus will take turns to play the game as one contestant. One will live in seclusion in a secret location while the other plays the game, with switches occurring regularly. They are allowed to share their secret with 3 housemates, but should a 4th find out, the game is over for both of them!
Should they be successful in their ruse, Big Brother may decide to send them both into the game to compete for the US $200 000 prize.

Big Brother Revolution is being shown live, 24 hours a day on M-Net (DStv channel 101/102) and DStv Channel 198 or 199 for the next 91 days), with live nominations and evictions.

Africa Magic (DStv channel 107) will re-screen parts of the show.


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