Thursday, May 23, 2024

BMC expands reach in UAE following Gulfood 2024 Success

In the wake of the successful clearance of its initial beef shipment in January 2024, the Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) has swiftly capitalized on the positive reception of Botswana Beef in the UAE, paving the way for projected growth and increased demand in 2024. The premium quality and renowned taste of Botswana Beef have resonated well with consumers and businesses in the UAE, setting a promising stage for further expansion.

To capitalize on the positive momentum generated by the initial shipments, BMC participated in Gulfood 2024, the world’s largest annual food and beverage trade exhibition held in Dubai from February 19-23. This event provided an excellent platform for BMC to showcase its premium beef products to potential customers from the UAE, GCC region, and Europe.

During Gulfood 2024, BMC hosted a beef tasting session at the Millennium Airport Hotel, offering attendees a unique opportunity to savor the exceptional quality of BMC’s beef offerings. Facilitated through the Botswana Embassy in Kuwait, the tasting session was met with resounding success, with attendees expressing high praise for BMC’s premium cuts of rib-eye and topside prepared by the chef.

The Botswana Embassy played a pivotal role in facilitating the entry of ‘Botswana Beef’ into the UAE, aligning with its mandate to strengthen trade relations between Botswana and countries in the Gulf region. The positive feedback received at Gulfood 2024 underscores BMC’s commitment to delivering premium beef products to discerning consumers worldwide.

Attending prestigious events like Gulfood 2024 aligns with BMC’s strategic objective to strengthen its presence in premium markets and expand further into the GCC region. By engaging with industry stakeholders and showcasing its products at such events, BMC aims to position itself as a preferred supplier of high-quality meat products in these regions.

Mr. David Tsheboeng, CEO of Botswana Meat Commission, expressed delight at the positive reception received during Gulfood 2024. He emphasized the event’s role in raising awareness about BMC’s beef products and expanding its reach into the GCC region and Europe.

The engagements and meetings held during Gulfood 2024 have expanded BMC’s horizons, paving the way for a positive trajectory in 2024. BMC remains steadfast in upholding its reputation as a leading provider of premium beef products and looks forward to forging new partnerships and collaborations as it continues to expand its presence in international markets.


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