Wednesday, June 12, 2024

BMD budgets over P10m for the next general elections

The outgoing Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) treasurer, MP Guma Moyo, has revealed that the party needs a minimum of over P10m for election campaigns for 2014 in order to emerge as the ruling party.

Moyo said this when addressing party members of the BMD just before elections over the weekend at St Joseph College. He said all means of fund raising should be used to bring more money to the party. He stated that people should change their mindset of thinking that the party belongs to the rich. He also revealed that the first inaugural congress preparation cost more than one hundred thousand pula (P100 000).

Moyo confirmed that he is willing to continue assisting the BMD financially including by guiding incoming Treasurers. Moyo said that BMD needs to work very hard to take over from the ruling government. He urged all members to continue forwarding donations for the movement.

He cited an example of the Tonota by-election campaigns where the ruling party BDP spent close to a million pula, while BMD spent one hundred and twenty thousand (P120 000).

“I pledge to take care of the BMD administration salaries from my personal bank account in my capacity as a loyal member,” said Moyo.

He stated that for every movement to operate, it has to be financially stable. Among others things, he directly convinced people during the congress to pledge.

A minimum of a thousand people committed themselves. Bank stop orders were also made by other members.

Meanwhile, NEC Vice President, Botsalo Ntuane, stated that he recalled the two prophets Dr. Francis Ngombe and T.B Joshua who once came to Botswana and prophesied that the ruling party, BDP will win elections for 15 years and after that will break away. He said 15 years is coming to an end during 2014. He said in 2010 BDP broke and then BMD emerged and it is progressing.

“We are ready to change the lives of Batswana when we take power in the next general elections,” said Ntuane.

He stated that BMD is ready to work with other opposition parties uniting to be in power in 2014. He also said that many of BMD members have declined offers to return to the BDP.


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