Sunday, September 25, 2022

BNF leadership locks Modubule out of Leadership race?

The Botswana National Front (BNF) seems to have adopted one standard for Lobatse MP Nehemiah Modubule and another one for lawyer Duma Boko in reviewing the duo’s applications to be re-admitted into the party – and Modubule is having the worst of it.

In a scene that harks back to the 2008 BNF congress in Jwaneng, Modubule who has aspirations to stand for the party presidency may find himself watching the forth coming party congress from behind closed gates.

Modubule was expelled from the BNF two years ago following a row with the party leadership. It was reported last week that Modubule has applied for re-admission into the BNF just a few months ahead of the party congress billed for Mochudi in July.

While Modubule says he has applied and wants the party central committee to decide on his membership status urgently, the party’s spokesperson Moeti Mohwasa denies any knowledge of the MPs application to rejoin the party.

Mohwasa insists that even the party leadership is not aware that Modubule has filed an application. Modubule has already indicated that he wants to contest the BNF Presidency.

This has raised speculations that the party leadership is trying to close out Modubule from the party. There are already fears that if admitted, Modubule may contest and win the party top post. Modubule says that not only has he applied for re-admission back into the party but has also appealed his expulsion to the party Congress.

“There are those members who want me to stand for BNF presidency, that is why they want this issue to be resolved urgently,” Modubule said this week.

“It’s highly unlikely that he would have interest in standing for elections in a party he is not a member of,” Mohwasa says in reply.

Mohwasa said that even if Modubule had applied for re-admission back into the party, it was not automatic that he would be readmitted.

“The letter will be put before the central committee and in conjunction with the ward committee a decision will be taken on modubule,” said Mohwasa.

Interestingly while the BNF is dragging its feet in addressing Modubule’s application, Mohwasa revealed that the central committee will soon make a pronouncement on lawyer Duma Boko’s membership status.

Boko is associated with ex BNF members who formed the New Democratic Front (NDF).Boko has also expressed interest in leading the BNF and so far appears to be the most favoured candidate.
Mohwasa said that as it stands Boko’s membership is valid unless proved otherwise.
Mohwasa said that a taskforce appointed to probe the issue is expected to report back to the party central committee soon to allow it to make a final decision on Boko’s membership.


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