Saturday, October 1, 2022

BNF Members of Parliament losing confidence in party leadership

Botswana National Front members of parliament are venting out frustrations at the way they are being taken for granted by party leadership as storms of impropriety and questionable judgment continue to build around some key personalities in party leadership.

Some leaders of BNF are at the centre of allegations of financial impropriety at the trade union BOPEU where they cut deals for themselves and in some instances took the money using the party name but never delivered it to the party.

New information has also surfaced indicating that some of these BNF leaders have been working with BOPEU behind the scenes to destabilise the Botswana Movement for Democracy.

Attempts by BNF members of parliament to receive briefing from leadership of the party have so far been rebuffed with a retort that they are not a structure of the party.

This has rubbed MPs the wrong way.

Those MPs who talked to the Sunday Standard are worried that they cannot even answer questions when asked by their voters on the flying allegations about the rot at party leadership.

“Our biggest weakness as a party is that we have a leader who is not hands on. He often talks about things that he does not even believe in. As a result the secretary General is taking advantage of this,” said one MP.

He added that at the moment the party is run by a maximum of three people; party president, Secretary General and a woman at the party office who they only referred to as Mma Batshidi.

“Our party is exactly like the ANC in South Africa. Every week we have to be defending a leader for doing things that benefit himself and not the party. The good thing though is that now the public is aware of the kind of people these guys really are.”

This week party spokesperson, Justin Hunyepa released a statement attempting to rubbish stories in the media about leaders receiving money from Bopeu but then failing to account for it.

Hunyepa also dismissed reports that structures from the party are on the verge of defecting as a block.

“Any possible defection from the party would be isolated and shunned in the usual manner and will bear   insignificant consequences for the party but damning to the defectors.  Together with other UDC affiliates, BNF is marching forward with the same vigour and resilience necessary for a revolutionary mission. While appreciating the right of every individual to seek or shift political home we are however confident that nothing of that sort, especially at the alleged rate, is in the offing on our side,” wrote Hunyepa.


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