Tuesday, April 16, 2024

BNF loses Letsie to BCP

After being expelled from the Botswana National Front (BNF), Lebohang Letsie has re-emerged from the political wilderness to join the Botswana Congress Party (BCP).

Letsie, former BNF ideologue, Dr Elmon Tafa, and Lobatse legislator, Nehemiah Modubule, among others, were expelled by the BNF’s Central Committee on charges of indiscipline and undermining the party leadership.

Letsie announced that she had officially joined the BCP in an interview with The Sunday Standard on Wednesday.

“She will be a valuable resource to the BCP’s Policy Directorate and Parliamentary Support structures,” said BCP Secretary General, Taolo Lucas.

A former high ranking member of the BNF, Letsie has served in the party’s elections board as chairperson. According to a statement released to The Sunday Standard by Lucas, Letsie has joined the BCP through Gaborone North’s Marang Ward.

Letsie revealed that she had decided to join the BCP because the BNF had disregarded her plea to be admitted back into the party.

She said that even after being kicked out of the BNF, she had remained a staunch BNF supporter until she joined the BCP.

“We continued to participate in many BNF activities; we tried to engage the Central Committee to reinstate us into the party, but they simply said we were undisciplined members of the party,” she said.

Letsie felt disappointed with the lack of courtesy shown by the party, which failed to respond to numerous letters and many requests made on her behalf.

However, BNF spokesperson, Moeti Mohwasa, has denied claims that they received any letters.
“We haven’t received any letters, she should tell the truth,” said Mohwasa. “Last we heard, she had joined another party.”

Letsie’s political isolation made her question the values and the principles of the party she fell in love with in 1973.

Letsie says that the recent internal clashes over lawyer Duma Boko’s candidature for the party’s presidential race is a clear sign that the BNF has lost its direction.

“I have nothing against Duma Boko, nothing against him being active but just the way in which the BNF Constitution is being disregarded,” Letsie told The Sunday Standard.

Apart from being properly run, she says she also views the BCP as a progressive organisation that has political tolerance and a ‘clear political vision’.

Letsie also stated that in the past 5 years, the BNF has lost its social ideology whilst in over 10 years, the BCP had reinstalled democracy.


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