Saturday, August 13, 2022

BNF youth league expected to endorse Boko as presidential candidate

Duma Boko’s campaign for the Botswana National Front presidency has been given a big boost after it emerged that the BNF Youth League will endorse him as the party’s presidential candidate at their elective congress in May.

Sources from within the BNF Youth League revealed on Monday that Boko enjoys massive support from within the youth ranks.

BNF Youth League secretary general, Arafat Khan, confirmed that the youth league will hold its congress on May 1st and 2nd, at which a new committee will be elected.
Arafat Khan will be defending his position under Presidential candidate Kagiso Ntime’s camp.
Other members of the Ntime-Khan camp include Tona Mooketsi as Vice President and Omphemetse Mmopa as publicity secretary.

The Ntime-Khan camp is widely expected to sweep the youth league elections, which will boost Boko’s chances of winning the BNF presidency.

Boko will be standing against current Vice President Olebile Gaborone and former youth league President Gabriel Kanjabanga.

Another youth group, led by temporary platform member, Tona Selala, supports Gabriel Kanjabanga for the presidency, while Olebile Gaborone enjoys support from Phikwe based Chalido Madome.
BNF insiders have, however, revealed that Boko is almost certain to win the presidential race, as he enjoys support from the youth league, and all but two members of the current central committee.
“All of the BNF’s ten regions, the women’s league and four MPs also support Boko. We are confident that he will win,” they said.

Boko’s lobby list includes Isaac Mabiletsa as Vice President, Kwenantle Gaseitsiwe as Chairman, Akanyanag Magama as Secretary General, Moeti Mohwasa as Publicity Secretary and Lemogang Ntime as secretary for political education.


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