Wednesday, November 29, 2023

BNF youth league supports embattled Gaddafi

The Botswana National Front Youth League (BNFYL) believes Muammar Gadaffi was right for Libya and supports his leadership.

The league’s Secretary for External Affairs, Thuso Mogorosi, says the BNFYL criticizes the Botswana government for cutting ties with the government of Libya while embracing Swaziland, SADC’s only obsolete monarch.

“The fake uprising against the Libyan leader is another strategy applied by the Western governments,” he says, adding that the uprisings are both unfortunate and unjustified and therefore should be strongly criticized.

Mogorosi explains that Gadaffi developed Libya from a hopeless desert to a middle income country envied by the world, and this proves his leadership credentials.

Commenting on accusations of human rights against Gadaffi, he explained that there is no tangible evidence of human rights abuse in Libya, save for the Western propaganda, which aims at portraying the Libyan leader as a dictator.

He says that the rebels fighting in Libya are mercenaries.

“The West hired them to fight regime after realising that the combatants are inexperienced in the battle field,” he explains, adding that if it were not for the hired mercenaries, the war would have ended a long time ago.

Mogorosi further says there have been strategies which were used to drive people away from the real truth, and claims that allegations that Gadaffi forces are killing civilians is one such strategy.
He says the mercenaries operating as NATO are the ones killing innocent civilians. The rebels, he adds, are said to be armed with powerful and sophisticated machines acquired from the West.
Mogorosi says the Gadaffi-led government has created jobs for different nations as evidenced by thousands of French nationals seen being evacuated by Libya.

The BNFYL, he says, wishes Gadaffi a healthy life and success against imperialism.

In the current issue of our sister paper, The Sunday Standard, BNFYL leader, Kagiso Ntime, stated that his organisation supports Robert Mugabe, particularly his much criticised land reform programme.


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