Thursday, April 18, 2024

Body20 gym here to transform fitness fanatics

There’s a whole new gym in town. Body20 is the leading EMS fitness franchise with over 50 studios in southern Africa the first of its kind in Botswana.  

Located in Gaborone’s uptown mall, Sebele Centre, Body20 introduces an unparalleled and smarter fitness alternative to Botswana. 

Body20 fitness studio offers an effective special type of advanced technology of working out without necessarily having to spend several hours every week at the gym in order to lose a few kilos and get into shape. A 20-minute training session at Body20 is equivalent to hours and hours of a normal workout and which explains why this fitness revolution is changing the fitness industry.

Body20’s application is the most holistic health & fitness offering in the world, leveraging Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training and full body assessment technologies to provide the most advanced technology training workouts in only 20 minutes, while actively tracking members’ results. 

Body20 utilizes an In Body Assessment technological body assessment tool that is used to establish a baseline for each client’s body compositions that includes results on the client’s body fat percentage and lean mass content amongst other valuable information. 

This advanced approach also allows members to accurately track their results, monitor muscle imbalances and identify body fat to strategically target critical areas with technology driven training to achieve maximum results. Body20’s EMS training is comparatively passive and can be adapted to the abilities and needs of the individual, thus opening it up to anyone, regardless of their age or current fitness level. 

It offers a means to get fit, lose weight, tone up, improve cardio performances, reduce cellulite, or strengthen, build or increase muscle definition, and is even suitable as a form of physiotherapy to assist patients who are recovering from an illness, an operation, or an injury. It also helps with the correction of muscular imbalances, strengthens your core, improves posture and relieves back pain. Some of the notable names training with Body20 Sebele are the likes of Isaac Makwala and Amantle Montsho. Body20 also offers a free session for customers to test the program and get firsthand experience of EMS training before they can decide on joining.

Comet Mokara is Body 20’s Brand Communications Strategist and he says the EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) technology workout is the perfect solution to fitness challenges. 

“What is exceptional about this type of training is that it doesn’t require the use of heavy weights and therefore places no strain on joints or ligaments and it’s even doable during eventful seasons as the training is only 20 minutes once a week,” said Mokara. 

The In Body Assessment shows you what scales cannot tell you in terms of how much weight loss is fat, muscle or body water. Body20 members also have free access to a nutrition doctor, there is a 24 hours WhatsApp consultation with a nutrition doctor who helps you with your diet, plans your meals with you according to your specific requirements. We also have vouchers; a person can buy a number of sessions which they can finish in a more extended timeframe and train whenever they are in Gaborone which makes it perfect for those living outside the city but with to train with us.“


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