Sunday, August 7, 2022

Boko not resigning BNF leadership

The Botswana National Front President, Duma Boko, has dismissed circulating rumours that he is about to resign.

To show his commitment to the BNF, Boko told a press conference Monday afternoon that he is ready to head the Umbrella for Democratic Change.

There have been political rumours flying about that Boko had communicated his impending resignation to BNF’s inner leadership.

“Not even in my wildest dreams have I ever thought of resigning from BNF leadership. I have heard of those rumours. The truth is I want to lead the Umbrella and I can only do it as a leader of the BNF,” he said.

He said he wants to remain BNF President for two terms, or until such time that BNF members feel they have had enough of him.

“Boko is not resigning. Such talk, of course, comes from the enemy camp. In fact, my resignation was long predicted. Some of them said I lose my temper too easily, citing my resignation as┬á University of Botswana SRC president in the 1990s. They even lied that I had resigned from the leadership of the Law Society of Botswana,” said Boko.

On any chance that the Botswana Congress Party could be invited yet again to join the Umbrella, Boko said the problem was that the BCP leadership does not want to restrain some of their activists who attack him and the BNF.

He singled out by name, Phagenyana Phage, a BCP attack dog known for his acerbic hatred for the BNF.
“It looks like there is agenda to attack the BNF. Every time we try to move closer to each other, one of them attacks us, and this hardens attitudes,” said Boko.

“Before we can even start to talk, there has to be cessation of hostilities. Leaders have to call for restraint. As it is, attacking each other makes it very difficult,” he said.

He said after the results of Monarch west by-election, it has dawned on the BCP that under the current electoral system of winner-takes-it all there will be no prize for a second position.

“Going into elections like this will cause problems. It is my hope that with Umbrella getting into shape next year we will start engaging with the BCP. No doors are closed. And there is still hope,” he said.

Talking about the recent resignation of Odirile Motlhale who was BMD Treasurer General and Member of Parliament, Boko said many in BMD still have to learn that opposition politics are not easy.
“If you are used to tenders then you are in trouble. The problem is not mine; it is not Gomolemo Motswaledi’s. Rather it is for the parties. Our parties need to outgrow their leaders. BNF and BCP have passed that stage. But not so with BMD. But they will get to a stage where the resignation of a leader does not mean anything.”


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