Sunday, September 25, 2022

Boko promises jail time for Masisi, Khama

Thrilled by the euphoria of the recent alliance with three other opposition parties, Botswana National Front (BNF) president, Duma Boko, who will also be leading the newly formed Umbrella for Democratic Change coalition says he will not waver in his pledge to cleanse the county of all corrupt elements chief amongst which is Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi, Guma Moyo, Tshekedi Khama, amongst others.

In a strongly worded statement, Boko said some BDP hot shots face jail time if it so happens that the UDC+ wins the 2019 general election.

“We will give them three months to tell all that they did illegally. I told them. I told them that they will tell us all they stole from government and just maybe we will forgive them, but if our investigations find out that there were some things they did not declare then they will all go to maximum prison,” said Boko.

Boko launched a scathing attack on the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) saying the current administration had failed since they failed to tackle corruption and uphold justice.

“I know how to take someone to prison without even blinking twice……i have been trained to do so, and I am talking about the likes of Guma, Khama, Masisi and the lot,” said the confident opposition leader.

The BDP has been in power since 1966, but saw its share of the popular vote sink to below 50 percent for the first time in 2014, as it paid the price for the sluggish economic growth and high unemployment. 

The four parties ÔÇô the Botswana National Front, the Botswana Movement for Democracy, the Botswana Congress Party, and the Botswana People’s Party ÔÇô split 53.55 per cent of that vote between them.


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