Monday, July 15, 2024

Boko slams Khama for failing Batswana

The President of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) Duma Boko has slammed President Ian Khama for putting Botswana into shambles. Addressing a rally in Tati Siding village over the weekend he said Khama’s programmes such as Ipelegeng do not address issues of poverty but rather, they promote it.

“Khama’s pet programmes such as Ipelegeng are of no use to Batswana, but instead the programmes are there to exploit them and drag them into more poverty.┬á The strange thing is that Khama does not want to be associated with his failed Poverty Eradication programmes,” he said.

He also accused the BDP government for failing to address the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) which has left most cattle farmers in abject poverty. He said those farmers whose cattle were culled due to the FMD scourge, were paid peanuts. He said most of the cattle farmers are now languishing in poverty. Boko implored Batswana to vote the UDC, as it is the only party that has their interests at heart. He also urged UDC members to recruit more members into the party to be able to wrestle the BDP from power in the 2019 elections.

┬á “Our education system is in a sorry state as evidenced by the declining results each year. More and more BDP bigwigs would prefer to send their children to schools abroad rather than to address the issue head-on so as to improve the system. They really do not care about the plight of the voters, but themselves” he said.

“Our health services are also poor. He president, Ian Khama would not use these services but would rather prefer to seek medical assistance outside the country as he is very much aware of the current situation of the public health services,” Boko added.

Boko said Batswana are the only people who can change their lives for the better, by influencing the change they desire to see by voting out the BDP. He said the problem with the BDP government is that there are a lot of bootlickers who would rather praise Khama than advice him when he is wrong.

For his part, Francistown South Legislator, Winter Mmolotsi expressed concerns over irregularities during the previous elections. He however said that although there were challenges, the UDC managed to beat the odds as it performed very well. He also said that it is very important that they vote capable individuals who will bring positive changes in their lives.

“As the voter you should vote wisely.You should vote a leader who is selfless, not a self centred leader. UDC is the only party that is meant to bring positive change in your lives,” said Mmolotsi.

┬áHe further pleaded with the party members to ensure that with the 2019 elections there should be a solid leader who will be there for the people and be after the concerns of the people of this republic. “People should stand up for the party and recruit new members in order to gain more seats in parliament hence to be able to win governance because its time BDP be removed from being the ruling party.”

Mr. Habana who was one of the new members who were officially welcomed into the party expressed joy of being able to join the party. He and other members will be working together with the leaders towards growing the party in order to reach its mandate which is to remove the current ruling party from its current position.

The event officially welcomed 497 newly recruited members in which some of them were from the Francistown West constituency.


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