Monday, June 24, 2024

BONA promises better netball

No doubt netball in Botswana has regressed over the years.

Nevertheless, attempts to bring it back by attracting sponsors seem to be bearing fruit.

A few weeks ago, Botswana Netball Association (BONA) received a sponsorship which which will be solely used for the development of netball as well as taking care of administrative costs.

According to BONA Public Relations Officer (PRO) Mokeresete Mokeresete, the past 2022 Fast 5 netball tournaments has contributed immensely to the revival of netball, with players woke and waiting for the netball league to start. The league is scheduled to kickoff in June 2022.

Mokeresete said: “We had a fast 5 tournament sponsorship launch on the 28th April in Maun at Crocodile Camp Safari and Spa. We were launching the SKL Group of Camps Sponsorship valued at P234 850, which is for three years, 2022 – 2024, we are positive we will achieve our set goal by then.”

“We have never had fast 5 netball in Botswana before and this is the first time we are introducing it. That on it’s own is a milestone to grow netball and also to increase the number of netball competitions that will go a long way in keeping our players active and fit,” added Mokeresete.

When asked on how much progress has been made, Mokeresete had this to say: “There is progress in the right direction in terms of governance and competitions. The issue of compliance by clubs has been achieved and all our structures and clubs are fully aware of what it entails to be fully compliant as a club.”

“In terms of competition activities we are up and running. This year we have already held the mini league, fast 5 tournament and our league is starting in June. We are also looking forward to hosting the independence cup,” added Mokeresete.

However, what is life without challenges, Mokeresete noted that their main challenge at the moment is infrastructure or facilities that is their playing ground. He said “At the moment we only have BONA Courts. It is our wish to have an indoor facility which meet international standards and also to have BONA Courts in a good.”

Mokeresete highlighted that to overcome or lessen the impact of their challenges, they are currently renovating BONA Courts in readiness for the national league. He said: “As for the indoor facility we are still weighing options on how to do it and we appeal to batswana and the business community in Botswana to assist us.”


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