Saturday, June 3, 2023

Botswana’s own shines in Big Brother House

Ladies, you can relax; Botswana’s Big Brother Africa hottie is still very much a bachelor and your chance to clinch him is as good as the next girl.

His marriage to the Tanzanian housemate was a mere Big Brother Africa house task to keep viewers glued to their screens.

Call it fate, destiny or a mere coincidence that this hot on and off couple, dubbed by fans as Oneza, chose each other as bride and groom randomly, with O’Neal choosing a red ring while Feza chose a red bow tie.

The boys proceeded to team up to prepare the perfect proposal in the form of a treasure hunt where all the boys were each sang a clue to Feza on where and how to find O’Neal who was hiding in the toilet and asked Feza to do him the honor of spending the rest of her life “being miserable with me”.

In true Ruby house style, the housemates carried out their task of preparing for the pending nuptials with utmost vigor and commitment. All of the housemates took part by taking up the respective prominent roles in the traditional African wedding of aunts, uncles and parents of the bride and groom.

In a comical twist, the dowry requested by the parents of the bride was the daily food required by the housemates after having a show down when the parents of the bride demanded 30 heads of cattle and the groom’s uncles replied that they only have bananas.

An element of the Western culture was tossed into the festivities as the girls hosted a hen party for the bride to be with all the trimmings, including alcohol, naughty costumes and endless stories and advice on how to keep a man happy both in and out of the bedroom.

Not to be outdone, the boys also had a stag party for the groom to be in the bubbling hot Jacuzzi. Theirs was just a bunch a men sitting around doing what men do best, they drank beer, talked about sex, football and politics.

To say the task presentation was amazing would be an understatement. The Zambian housemate, Sulu, who played the father of the bride, walked Feza down the aisle to O’Neal who was anxiously awaiting his bride, grinning from ear to ear.

The bride and groom had the viewers in stitches with their unconventional wedding vows. Feza started by looking into Oneal’s eyes and saying, “I am happy that the arrogant man that I met turned out to be the man of my dreams. I am happy that you are taller than me.”

To that, O’Neal responded by saying, “You are the horny to my lonely. You are the Nelson to my Mandela. You are the particular to my juncture. You are true love.”

With this, the two tied the knot – courtesy of Ghanaian housemate, Elikem, who took the role of being the pastor and they proceeded to devour a three tier chocolate wedding cake.

Lady luck seemed to have her eye on Botswana’s remaining contestant because not only did O’Neal clinch the starring role in this week’s task but he also proceeded to win the weekly head of house competition, which makes him immune to next week’s eviction.


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