Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Tatiana evicted from Big Brother House

When Big Brother host IK revealed that Munya would be staying in the house and not Tatiana, it came as a shock to not just members of the audience but to Tatiana herself.

Kode gave her a hug to help sooth her disbelief but Big Brother repeatedly told her to leave the house and reality finally settled in.

The departure of Tatiana pleased many of the remaining housemates after Tatiana had pulled off one too many escapes from the eviction guillotine. Tatiana joins Sammi as well as Hannington and Lerato, whom she replaced herself with in previous nominations in the Barn House.

The morning after her eviction, Tatiana stayed in bed while the other members of the Barn House took to their daily exercises. She remained in her cocoon for a very large period of the day, only making small conversations along the way.

Yacob seems to be feeling the pressure of the game and has declared he wants to be nominated for the next eviction. He believes that Africa already knows who it will vote for to win the $200,000 cash prize and therefore he would rather go home than stay in the game and win nothing.
Yacob woke up to do the cleaning of the other housemates’ bed linen. His punishment came after his graphic sex demonstrations, having had one too many drinks.

This week is sure to serve up more surprises with Yacob already offering himself up for nomination.
But only time will tell whether his actions were strategic or foolish.


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