Friday, March 1, 2024

BPF to decide Butale’s fate this week

Botswana Patriotic Front National Executive Committee meeting which was scheduled for Tuesday this week to discuss Biggie Butale’s fate has been postponed to Thursday following the party chairperson’s absence.

The meeting was communicated by party Secretary General (SG) Tshekedi Khama stating that the meeting was to discuss the chairman’s discussion with party leader Biggie Butale to temporarily resign of which Butale refused.

The Telegraph is in possession of communication between Biggie Butale, Lawrence Ookeditse, Ford Moiteela, Tshekedi Khama amongst others.

“Good evening members, correction to the status of the previous message, this is an “Urgent meeting” not an informal meeting as previously mentioned regarding the meeting of 18 May 2021 at 10am,” read part of the WhatsaApp communication National Executive Committee BPF.

On the communication dated 16 May 2021, Khama described the meeting as informal meeting called by the Vice President Caroline Lesang to report back on the Chairman discussion with Mr Butale.

Khama informed members that the reason why the meeting was postponed was because the chairman was unable to attend and informed them that the meeting will be held on Thursday this week.

This publication can reveal that the party is divided and that Butale, Kagisano Tamocha (Secretary for legal Affairs), Lazarus Lekgoagwe, Tester Khudumane, James Kgalajwe held a meeting in Makweta village(near Mahalapye) while the other faction led by Moiteela held its recruitment drive rally in Molepolole over the weekend.

The Telegraph can reveal that top of the agenda of that meeting was advising Butale that he can’t fight with Khama and that he must mend his relationship with former President Khama as the BPF members regard him as their spiritual father.

The source further revealed that the members had also observed that Tshekedi Khama is being used by the other faction led by Lawrence Ookeditse and Ford Moiteela (alleged Botswana Democratic Party spies) to destroy BPF.

Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) recent squabbles where the party leader Biggie Butale is accused of sleeping with a girl child without her consent is a topical issue inside BPF-National Executive Committee.

The Telegraph investigations can reveal that Butale had made it clear that he is not resigning after being called by National Organizing Committee member Ford Moitela to resign.

An inside source revealed to this publication that BPF is now divided into two factions and former President Ian Khama and party Godfather is not aware of all the dirty works.

Moiteela said Butale must man up and stop all lies. “You know you slept with that girl without her consent, now you blame us for your mistake. Surely you know what you did was wrong. In fact you are not mandated to work with student because truly you don’t have anything to offer them. You can’t even buy them water, what were you calling them at your house except to have sex with them,’’ said Moiteela.

Moiteela did not take kindly or respect to his leader Butale but called him a liar who can’t own his mistake.

“We can’t be recruiting young kids to be abused by leadership. You are wrong Mr President and you must own up to your mistake,” said Moiteela.

In the communication between the 21 NEC members, Lawrence Ookeditse said he is worried that one side of the story keeps doing interviews and speaking his lies are basically gaining credence (and I say his lies knowing he is here and he knows he is just lying to say foul play) because now one challenges him.

In an Interview with BPF spokesperson Lawrence Ookeditse, he indicated that they only validate the Molepolole recruitment drive meeting but disregard the Mahalapye meeting which was organized by Butale and his friends. Ookeditse however dismissed insinuations that the party is divided and that he is not a spy.


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