Monday, June 5, 2023

BTC employees served with letters of redundancy, not exit packages

Some employees of the Botswana Telecommunications Corporation, who are members of the Botswana Telecommunications Union, are claiming that they have received letters declaring them redundant whilst they have not been told anything regarding exit packages.

According to several of the concerned employees, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the letters they have received from the management of the Corporation state that they should have handed over keys to their offices or workshops, along with the equipment they have been using on certain dates whilst there was no mention about their exit packages.

“As I am talking to you now, I have received such a letter stating that I should hand over all the equipment I have been using, but I do not know what my exit package will be or when I will receive it,” said one of the employees.
Asked if their Union leadership had not briefed them on that, the source said that they had hoped that that would happen but added that it had not.
”We had hoped that they would meet us to discuss that, but as I am talking to you now they have not and it’s now months since the leadership of the Union has met us,” he said.

Another employee of the Corporation said that their Union leadership was keeping them in the dark about their negotiations with whoever they are currently negotiating with . According to him, they just heard rumours that negotiations with the management of BTC had ended in a deadlock but added that they had not been officially told about this.

“One would have hoped that we would be told about this important fact of deadlock in negotiations but we have not. This has placed us at a disadvantage on how to plan our future,” he said.

Another employee said that he is simply tired of waiting for the day he will be paid off and end the uncertainty about his future.

Last year, the Vice President of BOTEU, Kebalefetse, confirmed that the Union and management’s negotiations had reached a deadlock and he did not rule out the possibility of going to Industrial Court on the matter.

Kebalefetse also confirmed that they had not been updating their members on the developments in the exit package negotiations saying that their members gave them the mandate to carry out the negotiations to their conclusion.
Efforts to get further comment from Kebalefetse were futile.


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