Thursday, March 23, 2023

Cabinet divided over Lionjanga’s corruption case

Some Cabinet members tried to block the Directorate of Corruption and Economic Crime from laying corruption charges against Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPADB) chairman, Armando Lionjanga, it has been revealed.
In an unprecedented turn of events, the case was brought before a cabinet meeting for debate where a bid to stop it going to court was defeated.

The case is understood to have divided cabinet.

Information passed to Sunday Standard reveals that emotions were high when the matter was brought before cabinet.
It is understood that some high ranking government officials met behind closed doors to discuss the best way to handle the case.

It is further understood that the officials suggested that the case should not have been investigated because it will open a can of worms.
The Sunday Standard is reliably informed that some ministers felt that it was unethical for a criminal case to be brought and discussed in cabinet.

The tender, which PPADB awarded to East Gate and which is central to the issue, amounted to close P2.5million.
Lionjanga, 59, appeared before chief magistrate Lot Moroka charged with a single count of corruption but pleaded not guilty.

The trial is scheduled to take three days and will resume on 15 December until 18th of December.

The Public Relation Officer of the DCEC, Mr. Lentswe Motshoganetse, said, “The matter is before court, therefore, DCEC has nothing to say.”

Lionjanga has stepped down pending the outcome of the case and an official, believed to be his close associate and possible witness, has been appointed acting PPADB Chairman.


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