Friday, May 14, 2021

Cabinet divided over questionable multi-million Pula movie deal

Labour and Home Affairs Minister, Gladys Kokorwe’s juniors are pushing government to spend millions of Pula to buy a documentary produced by the minister’s son, Billy Kokorwe.

In an unprecedented move, the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs is already preparing to present the multi-million Pula deal to Cabinet and ministry officials have already put together a draft Cabinet Memo, a copy of which has been passed to Sunday Standard.

Ministry insiders say the Draft Cabinet Memo, proposing to buy Billy Kokorwe’s documentary will be presented to Cabinet by the Assistant Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Peter Siele, as Minister Kokorwe is said to have recused herself to avoid conflict of interest.

The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs, which oversees the Department of Youth and Culture, is proposing that the documentary of Lady Khama, Botswana’s first First lady, which has been produced by the minister’s son be bought by government as educational material.

At the time of going to press, it was not clear if the President, Lt Gen Ian Khama, had given the deal his blessings. Ministry insiders, however, say Cabinet and government enclave are divided over the matter.

Some officials from the ministry are even asking why government would consider buying Lady Khama’s documentary for millions of Pula as educational material and not former President Ketumile Masire’s autobiography.

The proposal is to be tabled in Cabinet before minister Kokorwe retires from Cabinet later this year.


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