Saturday, June 15, 2024

Cabinet endorses waivers for youth businesses

The Minister of Youth Sports and Culture Thapelo Olopeng has said that Cabinet has endorsed his proposals for waivers to be given to youth operating businesses. He said this will assist the youth with start-up costs which can be pricey.
Addressing a kgotla meeting in Gabane on Thursday morning, Olopeng said one of the challenges the youth face when they venture into business is when they are required to incur costs in form of lease fees. He said in order to alleviate the problem, he pleaded with the cabinet to allow the youth to pay the fees in installments. The cabinet has since agreed to this proposal.
“Youth should also access old government buildings which the government is no longer using. The youth should also be given the opportunity to use open spaces as flea markets so they are able to introduce and sell their products. The cabinet has agreed that 30 per cent of open spaces should be reserved for the youth businesses,” explained Olopeng. He added that the youth should however ensure that they utilise such open spaces according to the National Development Plan so they do not temper with developments.
He said to ensure that his ministry effectively monitors youth businesses; they are hiring consultants with business experience. Olopeng further explained that the youth have also been exempted from spending money during the waiting period for procession of Public Procurement and Disposal Board (PPADB) documents.
Furthermore, the youth graduation age from light duty license to heavy duty has been reduced from age 25 to 21. Reservations have also been made for the youth in the tendering of highway patrol. He cautioned the youth to the effect that they should not blame the leadership for their unruly behaviour which drives them to abandon projects after accessing funds.
“The way you are getting infected with HIV causes concern. I am disturbed by the growing number of new infections on the youth. As you keep abandoning your projects and impoverishing yourselves in the process, know that foreigners will come here, start businesses, apply for and get citizenship and govern this country. While American youth use technology to enrich themselves, you use it to insult others and even the elders,” he said.
He said as a result of the youth being impatient and often abandoning projects, his ministry has taken it upon itself to apply for business land for youth projects. This will help in ensuring that land available throughout, even when others abandon projects.
He advised government officers that their institutions should purchase products from local producers; including the youth businesses. He emphasised the fact that in as much as the government wants to support the youth with everything businesswise, it is undeniable that not all youth are entrepreneurs, some have to work.


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