Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Churches to de-campaign politicians who support abortion, homosexuality, prostitution

The Evangelical Churches of Botswana (ECB) says it will not vote politicians who support abortion, homosexuality and prostitution in this year’s general election.

Their comments come after some legislators emphasised their support for abortion, homosexuality and prostitution.

One of the legislators who has been keen on supporting legalisation of abortion, Mahalapye East Member of Parliament Botlhogile Tshireletso, has condemned the ECB move, arguing that she would not be silenced from supporting the legalisation of abortion.  
Evangelical Churches of Botswana, President Master Matlhaope, said that they will encourage their members not to vote for those who support abortion, prostitution, and homosexuality.

Matlhaope said that the churches have a moral obligation to give the nation direction. He said that their members will be encouraged not vote members of parliament and councilors who support such unethical acts. Matlhaope stated that currently they have not listed those who would be targeted in their campaign but promised that they would monitor the situation ahead of the elections.

“We will keep our ears to the ground and we will target those who support such behaviors. As ECB we will ask our members country wide to stop voting such legislators whether at parliamentary or council wards,” he said.

Matlhaope said that their members should not choose those who support this immoral behaviour because it does not tally with biblical beliefs.

He said that for now they have not identified those who would be victims of their campaign. Tshireletso stated that she would come up with a solution because it has become evident that backyard abortion was rampant.

“Many people have committed illegal abortion and establishing clinics will help women who intend to commit abortion. When abortion is legalised it could help these people because they will go through counseling. Someone might end up not committing abortion. This could help many as compared to the current state where woman commit backyard abortion,” said Tshireletso.

She said that she will not be silenced by ECB by threatening that they would not vote her. The legislator stated that she was concerned but remains adamant that she will not reverse her opinion. She said that she will be voted for by those who are interested in her concerns.

Tshireletso was concerned that there are disturbing issues among these churches. 

“They should clean their house first. Prophets are taking peoples properties, money and they are even impregnating those in churches┬ábut they never address such problems. Some of these women who are committing abortions are from those churches. They should come up with solutions instead of threatening us,” she added.

She said that if she was on backbench she would have long requested for an investigation on these mushrooming churches which she described as “a rot”.


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