Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Rugby Union to have new home

The Botswana Rugby Union (BRU) is embarking on fundraising initiatives to finance the building of its facilities.

The new home is expected to be built on a 4.6 hectors piece of land allocated to the BRU by the Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC) behind the Gaborone Golf Club.

According to the BRU President Bob Lekan, the union intends to build a fully equipped modern day facility in the piece of land which the BNSC gave to them almost two years ago.

Speaking in an interview, Lekan said the BRU intends to build a rugby stadium, training facility as well as accommodation hostels and a gym in the facility. The facility will also be expected to house administrative offices of the BRU, something which the BRU said will cut the costs the union pay towards rent.

With the sport’s fast growing popularity and continued growth, the BRU President said it is now time for the sport to have a place it calls home as they currently have no facilities, let alone their own sporting field. As a start to their fundraising drive, the BRU will on the 29th of next month (November) host a fundraising Golf challenge at the Phakalane Golf Estates. According to the BRU President, the BRU’s intention is to host 72 players playing over 18 holes.

As part of the fundraising drive, Lekan said corporates and companies will pay certain sponsorship amounts and be allowed to put their branding at designated holes for exposure.

“Above this, the intention is that we can liaise with potential sponsors and interested individuals who can help finance our project or even give us advice and ideas on how to do our project,” the BRU President said.

The day will culminate with a prize giving ceremony later in the day where the BRU will also sell their plans to potential sponsors.

While the total project costs were initially estimated at P16 million, Lekan said in view of the enormity of the project and the vast amounts needed, the BRU is now planning to relook at the costs and divide the project into three phases. He said the rationale behind dividing the project into phases is that the BRU can build over time without over stretching its resources. Meanwhile, the BRU President said the BRU is coming up with packages for all who will help in sponsoring the new facility. Apart from a board acknowledging all the sponsors that will be erected at the facility, Lekan said the BRU is also looking at giving sponsors naming rights and advertising space within the facility.

“The idea is that if a corporate or company will for example sponsor building a certain section of the stadium, they will be given the right to name or advertise in that section. We will have billboards in the facility for all the sponsors to be given the necessary exposure and to advertise themselves,” he explained. Once the facility is complete, Lekan says the sponsors will get special dispensation should they need to use the facility to host their own events.


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